Pribilof Islands

4 minutes   super 8   full hd   brazil france   2019


A travel journal from a trip to the Pribilof Island, in Alaska, shot on a silent super8 roll uncut.

Personal images recorded on a Super 8 camera, without cuts and mute, are employed in the construction of memory. An essay about life and death by the sea on the coast of Alaska. Beginning with a very simple, almost disturbing gesture, the movie recovers images of the past and manipulates its ability to make visible, review and previse. While animals gather and separate, friends who were gone meet again.
(Hannah Serrat, Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival)


director writer editor   andré lage
voice   christoph morais fortmann
assistant editor   victor galvão
sound design   o grivo
color grading   leo gael
graphic design   victor galvão
export and dcp   zefini
executive producer   andré lage
production   relâmpago and les films du coquelicot
distribution   ponta de anzol filmes


23o mostra de cinema de tiradentes   sesc cine-lounge
january 2020   tiradentes mg brazil

21o festival internacional de curtas de belo horizonte
august 2019   cine humberto mauro   belo horizonte mg brazil

5o festival de cinema de três passos   mostra olhares sensíveis
november 2019   cine teatro globo   três passos rs brazil

timeline 5 festival internacional de video arte de belo horizonte
october 2019   sesc palladium   belo horizonte mg brazil